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Historically, the Afghan Afghani reached an all time high of 81.35 in July of 2019.

The USDAFN decreased 0.1200 or 0.16% to 77.0000 on Tuesday June 16 from 77.1200 in the.

The USDAFN spot exchange rate specifies how much one currency is currently worth in terms of the other.

BTCUSD, 9,552.18, 117, 1.24 %.

Bank-e Milli agreed to exchange afghani at 4 Afs against 1 Indian rupee in 1935. After the establishment of Da Afghanistan.

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Currency of the world - Afghanistan. Afghan afghani. Exchange rates Afghanistan. Afghan banknotesThe below interactive chart shows the USD to AFN exchange rate, trend and recent alerts for the last 90 days. USD to AFN. Converter · Charts.

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