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Telephone: 03000 267619. Website: Durham Record Office. Research: Records Office online shop as there is now an easier process to order and pay for research online. https://recordofficeshop.durham.gov.uk/pgHome. Dean and Chapter Library. The College, Durham, DH1 3EH. Telephone: (+44) (191) 386 2489. Durham City Reference Library is now Durham.

Durham University ResearchFor Depositors. Durham University Open Access Statement; What is DRO?

Durham Research Online Deposited in DRO: 26 August 2008 ersionV of attached le: Accepted ersionV Peer-review status of attached le: Peer-reviewed Citation for published item: Boselie, J. .P and Dietz, G. and Boon, C. (2005) ‘Commonalities and contradictions in research on human resource management and performance.’, Human resource management., 15 (3). pp. 67-94. urtherF information on.

Scientists have created a dynamic database driven by artificial intelligence which is collecting together the world’s.

Research Service Durham County Record Office uses professional researchers who are experts in their field to provide this service. The minimum charge is £35 for one hour’s research. This includes a report on the records searched plus copies of any documents we find. We advise you to start by paying for one hour. In our report of what we have.

Durham Research Online. Deposited in DRO: II w—r™h PHIR. Version of attached file: €u˜lished †ersion. Peer-review status of attached file: € eerEreviewed.

Festival of Medical Research will be hosted online by the University of Sheffield for the first time for people to enjoy while the UK remains in lockdown; The theme of this year’s.

DRO contains details of journal articles, conference and working papers, book chapters and reports written by Durham University researchers. The full-text of.

The pandemic could be the end for some institutions, says Glen O’Hara, a professor of modern and contemporary history.

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Durham Research Online Deposited in DRO: 24 April 2014 ersionV of attached le: Accepted ersionV Peer-review status of attached le: Peer-reviewed Citation for published item: Marsee, M.A. and Barry, C.T. and Childs, K.K. and ricFk, .J.P and Kimonis, E.R. and Centifaneeti (n noz),MuL.C. and Aucoin, K.J. and assnacFht, G.M. and Kunimatsu, M.M. and Lau, K.S. (2011) ‘Assessing the forms and.

DurhamResearchOnline · @DROdurham. View details of journal articles and book chapters –free access to full-text of many – by scholars from one.

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