Friend Posted This On Facebook…thoughts?

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Your less privacy-minded friend may post that they're going to the mall with you. Now your stalkers know where you are.If you leave Facebook, you'll be totally.

16 Mar 2015.

The “I'm deleting my Facebook soon, here's some deep thoughts about why I'm.

The passive aggressive post only meant for one person.

It only makes it easier for everyone else to know who to delete off their friend's list.

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8 Jul 2013.

The author's thoughts, opinions, and life philosophies matter.

Our friend Daniel's post was quite a feat—in one simple paragraph, he sliced.

20 Apr 2020.

At the beginning of this post, I noted that it's against Facebook's contest guidelines to tag friends in your posts or to ask friends to share the.

How to stop Facebook Post Notifications from friends5 Nov 2018.

When Myra Reynold's 19-year-old son died suddenly, she thought about letting.

It's why the 58-year-old decided to post about his death on Facebook. After informing close family and friends, sharing the news online was the.

It's not a place for deep thoughts, long reads, or heavy discussion.

Post answers and share them on Facebook in hopes your friends will “upvote” them.

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