How Do I Import Bootstrap.dat


22 Aug 2017.


blocks contained within the bootstrap.dat file. This can be verified when using the GUI wallet as it will say (in the bottom left) Importing blocks.

12 May 2020.

Important: ONLY download bootstrap.dat from a TRUSTED source! 2. With the XTRABYTES™ wallet closed, manually copy or move the bootstrap.

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21 Jan 2014.

dat file in the Bitcoin folder. I left bootstrap.dat in there, and finally Bitcoin-QT found it, and on the bottom it states "Importing blocks from disk.

To import the bootstrap file, simply start the Anoncoin client software. When the wallet appears, you should see the text “Importing blocks from disk” in the lower left corner of the wallet. This process should take about 20 minutes, and after this, the client will begin to download the most recent blocks that were not in the bootstrap.dat.

– Download the bootstrap.dat file (via a torrent client). – Copy the bootstrap.dat file in the folder UsersYOUR_WINDOWS_USERNAMEAppDataRoamingBitcoin (for Windows) or in the Bitcoin data folder for other OSes – Run the Bitcoin software to import most of the blockchain locally and then to download only the rest and synchronize the client. This will get you up to speed and running in.

Once the client has completed syncing (this will probably still take an hour or more depending on your computer), it will rename the file to "bootstrap.dat.old". You can now delete the file (probably a good idea to shut down your client before you do this, just in case).

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dat is a file that contains the copy of blockchain from genesis block to a certain point of time. This compressed bootstrap.dat file is used to speed up the initial.

Before importing the bootstrap.dat file, you will need to copy it to the correct location on your computer. If you have never used the Espers software before, please.

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