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Rolling coverage of the latest business news, as new public data reveals the costs of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Canadian retail sales plummeted 26.4% in April, posting a record decline for a second consecutive month, as the coronavirus.

As a person subject to the mandatory billing measures, you are responsible for ensuring that your sales recording system (SRS) is compatible with your sales.

SRM stands for 'sales recording module' (aka a module d'enregistrement des ventes or MEV) and it records every sale made and generates a unique barcode .

U.K. online sales as a proportion of all retailing reached a record high of 33.4% in May, the Office for National Statistics.

The continuous recording of lettings and sales in social housing in England ( referred to as CORE ) is a national information source that records information on .

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Auto sales in Europe this year will tumble a record 25 percent due to the coronavirus pandemic which has left manufacturers.

Updates – Adding an Unsubscribe Link, Recording Welcome and Voicemail Messages. Freshsales has just been updated with a couple of long-awaited.

Recording Transactions into a Sales Journal5 Feb 2019.

Record your sales calls to increase your success rate. Post will cover all you need to know about recording your sales calls.

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