Reddit Mods Censor Craig Wright Quote

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3 Sep 2018.

So says a moderator of BCH's most prominent public forum, r/btc, after showing a conversation from the censored Craig Wright supporting slack channel. Craig Wright supporters conspiring to manipulate reddit, September.

08/04/2018  · In addition to calling Craig Wright a fraud, Vitalik Buterin addressed serious matters in Ethereum scaling at the Deconomy Summit in Seoul, Korea April 4th.

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Reddit Is Banning Trump Supporters In Escalation Of Censorship16 Jun 2017.


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15 Mar 2019.

I will admit that I am sympathetic to Yang. I can't help but like a politician who RT's Quillette, has phone calls with Nick Bostrom, and quotes Peter.

Australian Craig Wright claims to be Bitcoin creator I am surprised that I couldn’t find this anywhere on this site. One of the very interesting aspects of this story was that it occurred just before the launch of ‘Consensus 2016’ (

), which is a conference in line with members within the community trying to best update the code to handle (scale) more and more transactions.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s 2008 Bitcoin Whitepaper Whitepaper do Bitcoin por Satoshi Nakamoto. sendo vendidos tipicamente com 2GB de RAM em 2008, e a Lei de Moore prevendo que o crescimento atual de. As the site’s current owner prepares to depart, Roger Ver shares his interest in buying the domain. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies have considered being obscure and widely unused

16/04/2019  · On Free Speech. Apr 16, 2019 "A statement may be both true and dangerous. The previous sentence is such a statement." – David Friedman . Freedom of speech is a topic that many internet communities have struggled with over the last two decades. Cryptocurrency and blockchain communities, a major part of their raison d’etre being censorship resistance, are especially poised to value free speech.

28/03/2020  · Reddit claims it is ordinary people that are top mods who run the sub and they can do whatever they want, unless of course the sub is The Donald which has now moved to its own hosts, but we suspect once a sub reaches a certain point Reddit admins take over either directly or indirectly since how things are going in a certain sub affects their pocket.

11/12/2015  · An Australian federal police officer searched the home of possible bitcoin creator Craig Steven Wright in Sydney’s North Shore this week. Past failures to.

30 Jun 2019.

Colin Wright says.

Let them send you all the Wikipedia quotes about somebody who said something?.

want to micromanage and censor more and more areas of our lives,

You can see ancoms discussing what they will do to reactionaries if they win on Reddit,, etc.

Craig Goodwin says.

19/09/2019  · Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin SV is the original Bitcoin, Litigation incoming: 02/13/20: 2: Craig Wright "The Original Satoshi" Writes this article and the Crypto Market Begins to Crash: 02/16/20: 3: So now that it’s been proven that Satoshi (Craig Wright) is a fraud, do you now understand that I’m the inventor of Bitcoin? 09/01/19: 4

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