Setting Up The Host Rpc Server — Swapbill 0.5 Documentation

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17 Aug 2017.

In the Customize Service Settings dialog box, click Apply to this service, select Remote Procedure Call (RPC) with a short name of RpcSs, click.

And since pipe() returns the destination stream in ≥ Node 0.5.x you can do one line.

HTTP/1.1 GET Host:

You can also make a standard proxied http request by explicitly setting tunnel.

Note: for HTTPS see tls API doc for TLS/SSL options and the documentation.

RPC enables connect to a remote server, upload and launch functions.

If this is true, the host and port actually corresponds to the address of the proxy server.

max_retry (int, optional) – Maximum number of times to retry before give up.

If we have both bitcoin and litecoin RPC servers running, we can work with both.

When exchanging between swapbill and host coin on the same blockchain, buy.

We'll simulate two parties for the exchange by setting up separate SwapBill .

Address Look-up Services. What Is TI-RPC? TI-RPC is a powerful technique for constructing distributed, client-server based applications. It is based on.

On each host, a service called rpcbind manages RPC services. TI-RPC uses.

Calls rpcbind to set a map between an RPC service and a network address. rpcb_unset().

Provides remote procedure calls to a XML-RPC server. After setting the connection-parameters with ::new which creates a new XMLRPC::Client instance ,

Creates an object which represents the remote XML-RPC server on the given host .

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