The Birth Of ‘milkshake Duck’

28 Dec 2017.

By Ben Ward. “The Rise and Fall of Milkshake Duck” is published by The Nib in The Nib.

24 Dec 2019.

Some, like “milkshake duck,” come from very specific tweets. Others are brought over from the real world. “You get a lot of words that are.

15 Jan 2018.

Defeated by "youthquake" to be Oxford Dictionaries' word of the year, "milkshake duck" has – perhaps fittingly – won some redemption. The term.


Everybody:Everybody hates Milkshake Duck, the Duck who hates black people. Some Goddamned Rube:You can separate the art from the artist though 🙂 He likes.

THIS IS MY SON!!! The REVERSE Milkshake Duck!And even though the pubs were shut, it seems we’ve been unable to shake the need to be tested on our knowledge.

In the.

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