You Want Democracy? Try A Hard Fork


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15 Nov 2018.

On Nov. 15, Bitcoin Cash, the most famous hard fork of bitcoin and the fourth largest cryptocurrency, will itself hard fork.

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Blockchains are different. If you don’t like your blockchain’s choices, you can sell your coins and migrate to a different blockchain. Better yet, you can drum up support for a fork—or, if you’re enterprising enough, manage a new fork yourself, as several groups have done to Bitcoin in the last year. To be clear, forking is not free.

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20/07/2016 · The point is: We shouldn’t want to replicate the problems of democracy in Ethereum, nor in any other blockchain for that matter. Yet, that is the nature of this technology. If 60 to 80 percent of users want to hard fork, they can hard fork. Yes, users can choose to adhere to any rules they want to adhere to. Even in Bitcoin.

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17/08/2015 · what you call democracy i would call anarchy: everyone is just doing what they want, the end result of which will be nothing getting done. i think there are merits to not increasing the block size and to increasing it — it just depends on the rest of the vision that the bitcoin oligarchs have. that there is no coherent vision is the real problem, and perhaps the real problem with open source.

Analysis of the bitcoin price charts suggests the tide is slowly turning in favor of the bulls, although $7,000 could be a stumbling block.

23 Jun 2018.

We apply it here to the Bitcoin blockchain, where it illuminates strange and.

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A hard fork may result in two blockchains, each branch commanding the.

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16 Nov 2018.

This article will try to explain, as simply as possible, what a hard fork is.

These rules must be followed if you want to mine a specific coin and.

3 Nov 2019.

The United States, viewed as a champion of democracy, occupies a symbolic role in the protests. Activists now want President Trump to take a tougher stand against Beijing.

We're trying all we can.” Image. Nancy Pelosi, the.

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